Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Data is an invaluable enterprise asset for leading organizations which can drive excellence, competitive advantage and proactive decision-making. The ability to make evidence-based decisions and gain insights, which their competitors may not have, gives them a competitive edge. Soon, the ability to make decisions quickly is woven into their fabric as they leverage data to report and analyze what has happened in the past and to determine the best course of future action.

Prominent organizations go beyond traditional reporting and analytics that rely on transaction-level data by also leveraging their unstructured data (i.e., emails, social media, text messages, video, etc.), driving excellence in all phases of their operations.

Performance reporting and analytics
Effective reporting and analytics is a “must have.” It provides you with a window to the past and why things happened. Dashboards, scorecards and interactive reporting and analytics facilitate understanding of the root causes of events, identify potential design process improvements and enable you to take corrective action.

Near real-time reporting and alerts
Today, organizations need the ability to intervene and take immediate action. Near real-time reporting and alerts help you minimize quality control issues, improve consumer satisfaction and optimize revenue opportunities. Near real-time analytics can provide the alerts and decision-making capabilities that can immediately improve your operations.

Exploratory analytics
Understanding the cause and effect of events can enable your organization to make truly insightful decisions and drive innovative solutions. Despite most organizations’ wealth of information, establishing correlations between data can be difficult. Exploratory analytics can provide the framework that makes these insights possible. From data mining to statistical analysis to developing the algorithms for predictive models, exploratory analytics offers powerful capabilities that can help your organization drive innovation.

Predictive analytics
Imagine being able to see more clearly into the future. That ability would represent a true competitive advantage. Predictive analytics enables you to do just that. By leveraging internal and external data, you can develop models and applications with a wide range of uses in operations, finance, sales and marketing. Developing an effective product mix, executing targeted marketing, optimizing plant operations and managing financial risk are just a few ways advanced analytics can help your organization.

Big data
Ever-increasing volumes of data, the explosion of unstructured data and the need for quick access to information for decision-making makes using data much harder. Most organizations can only tap into a small percentage of the data available to them. Big data capabilities help organizations address data’s increasing complexity and provide the framework to harness the breadth and depth of your data to drive competitive advantage and innovation.